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Bituminous Asphalt Plant
Bituminous asphalt and ready-mix concrete use accessory to quarry use. A bituminous asphalt plant shall be a plant or operation which has as its primary function the mixing of rock materials with asphalt oils or other binders for road building or construction purposes. A ready-mix concrete plant shall be a plant or operation which has as its primary function the mixing of materials to make concrete. Such uses shall be permitted when authorized by the Zoning Hearing Board as a special exception, provided that:
(a) Bituminous asphalt and ready-mix concrete plants shall be permitted only as accessory uses to use in § 500-1902A(29), Quarry.
(b) In addition to the requirements of use in § 500-1902A(29), bituminous asphalt and ready-mix concrete plants shall be subject to the following requirements:

The applicant must demonstrate that the use proposed will comply with all permit requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection or any other commonwealth or federal governmental agency which regulates such use.

A buffer area shall be established in accordance with the conditions imposed upon the granting of special exception approval which is sufficient to adequately screen the lawful permitted use from other uses in the vicinity. The buffer area shall be in accordance with § 500-2605 of this chapter and shall be of sufficient width to protect the surrounding area from the objectionable effects of the proposed use, including, but not limited to, noise, dust, vibration, odor, illumination, visual effects and the like.

An applicant for a special exception for a bituminous asphalt and/or ready-mix concrete plant accessory to a quarry use may be required by the zoning hearing board of the township in which the application is filed to submit an environmental impact assessment report.
See § 500-1902A(30) for more information on these facilities.
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