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Municipal Waste Facilities
Requirements for municipal waste facilities.
The following uses are considered types of municipal waste facilities: composting facility, incinerator, material separation and/or refuse-derived fuel (RDF) facility, recycling facility and transfer station. The following requirements shall be applicable to municipal waste facilities.
(1) Operation of a municipal waste facility shall at all times be in full compliance with the statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the rules and regulations of the Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) and the provisions of this chapter. In the event that any of the provisions of this chapter are less restrictive than any present or future rules or regulations of PA DEP, the more restrictive PA DEP regulations shall supersede and control.
(2) A contingency plan for disposal of municipal waste during a plant shutdown must be submitted to the Township and approved by the Board of Supervisors.
Impact statements.
An applicant for a municipal waste facility or a municipal waste landfill shall submit the following impact statements:
(1) Natural resource protection standards. The applicant shall submit an analysis which evaluates his ability to meet the natural resource protection standards of § 500-2601: Natural resource protection standards of this chapter.
(2) Nuisance standards. The applicant shall submit specifications and reports that contain detailed information as to how the facility will be able to operate within the limits of the nuisance standards of Article XXV: Nuisance Standards of this chapter.
(3) Traffic impact study. The applicant shall submit a traffic impact study prepared in accordance with the requirements for said study set forth in Chapter 440: Subdivision and Land Development.
See § 500-2202C for more information on municipal waste facilities.