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Temporary Structures
A temporary permit may be issued for structures necessary during construction or other special circumstances of a nonrecurring nature, subject to the following requirements:
A. Temporary structures shall meet the area and dimensional requirements for the district in which the structure is located. Temporary structures which will not conform to the requirements of this chapter shall only be permitted by special exception.

B. Temporary construction trailers for tracts under development shall be permitted for the duration of the construction period. Such trailers shall be removed within 30 days after issuance of a certificate of occupancy by the Township.

C. All temporary structures, except as noted in Subsection B above, shall be permitted for a continuous period of up to 30 days. Such temporary structures shall not be permitted for more than 30 days in any one year, unless the Zoning Hearing Board authorizes an extension as a special exception. Such temporary structures shall be removed promptly after the expiration of the permit without cost to the Township.

D. Temporary structures shall meet all applicable requirements of the Township Building Code (Chapter 190: Construction Standards, Article II: Uniform Construction Code).

See § 500-3105: Temporary permits for more information.
See Applying For a Permit for more information.
See Building and Zoning for information on documents, forms and permits.