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Satellite Dish Antennas
If it is demonstrated that an obstruction-free reception window cannot be achieved within the above parameters for reasons beyond the control of the applicant, the requirement(s) may be exceeded by special exception, subject to the following criteria:
(1) Demonstration by the applicant that compliance with the applicable yard, setback and height restrictions would result in the obstruction of the antenna's reception window; furthermore, such obstruction involves factors beyond the applicant's control. However, in no case shall the antenna be located in the front yard of a residential structure.
(2) All applicants must include certification by a registered engineer that the proposed installation complies with the standards of the Township Building Code.
(3) All installations must include appropriate screening treatments located along the antenna's nonreception window axes as required by the Zoning Hearing Board.
See § 500-2407: Satellite dish antenna for more information.
See Applying For a Permit for more information.
See Building and Zoning for information on documents, forms and permits.