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Natural Resource Protection Standards (General)
Application of natural resource protection standards.
Plan information. 
In order to meet the natural resource protection standards of § 500-2601: Natural resource protection standards of this chapter, the following information is required to be provided with an application for a subdivision or land development plan:
(1) A site plan which illustrates all natural resources on the site and the proposed use on the site.
(2) All encroachments and disturbances necessary to establish the proposed use on the site.
(3) Calculations which indicate the area of the site with natural resources and the area of natural resources that would be disturbed or encroached upon.
Deed restrictions. 
For subdivision and land development plans, restrictions meeting Township specifications must be placed in the deed for each site or lot that has natural resource protection areas within its boundaries. The restrictions shall provide for the continuance of the resource protection areas in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. Natural resource protection areas may be held as common open space in accordance with the requirements of § 440-423D of Chapter 440: Subdivision and Land Development, or in the ownership of individual property owners. For this latter form of ownership, it shall be clearly stated in the individual deeds that the maintenance responsibility lies with the individual property owner.

All uses and activities established after the effective date of this chapter shall comply with the following standards. Site alterations, regrading, filling or clearing of any natural resources prior to the submission of applications for zoning or building permits or the submission of plans for subdivision or land development shall be a violation of this chapter. In the event that two or more resources overlap, the resource with the greatest protection standard (the least amount of alteration, regrading, clearing or building) shall apply to the area of overlap.

See § 500-2601: Natural resource protection standards for a list and description of natural resources to be protected. 
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