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Off-Street Parking and Loading
A. Plan of required off-street parking and/or loading areas. For the purpose of converting parking and/or loading spaces into the required parking and/or loading areas, plans must be submitted to the Township Zoning Officer to show how the required parking and/or loading spaces shall be arranged in the area supplied for that purpose and to indicate sufficient space for parking maneuvers, as well as adequate ingress and egress to the parking and/or loading area. The applicant shall state on his application, in writing, the area of off-street parking and off-street loading he proposes to provide in square feet and shall indicate on the plan submitted the calculations made to compute these totals. Plans of required parking for motor vehicle sales establishments shall also show areas to be used for display of cars, and such areas shall be permanently marked on the establishment's premises by on-site monuments.

B. Use of required off-street parking by another building. No part of an off-street parking area required for a building or use to comply with the provisions of this chapter shall be included as a part of an off-street parking area similarly required for another building or use, unless the periods of usage by the buildings or uses will not be simultaneous with each other. The applicant shall demonstrate to the Board of Supervisors that the hours or days of peak parking needed for the uses are so different that a lower total will provide adequately for all uses served by the facility.

See § 500-2704: Off-street parking and loading; general regulations for more information.