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Zoning Permits (Administration)
Requirement of zoning permits.
A zoning permit shall be secured from the Zoning Officer prior to construction, reconstruction, erection or alteration of any building, structure or portion thereof, any change in the use of a building or land, and prior to the change or extension of a legal nonconforming use. However, a zoning permit shall not be required for the following:
A. Alteration of an existing building not involving any exterior addition thereto. However, a building permit shall be secured from the Building Inspector for this purpose prior to commencing such an alteration.
B. Farm buildings situated 50 feet or more from any street or property line, but all such farm buildings shall be erected in conformity with the use, area and height regulations applicable in the district in which such farm buildings are located.
Application requirements for zoning permits.
A. All requests for zoning permits shall be made in writing by the owner or his authorized agent to the Zoning Officer on a form to be supplied by the Township. Such application shall contain all information required by the Zoning Officer to ascertain whether the proposed erection, alteration, use or change in use complies with the provisions of this chapter. Such application shall be accompanied by the following information, where applicable:
(1) A statement as to the proposed use of the building or land.
(2) A plan drawn to scale showing the location, dimensions and height of proposed buildings, structures or uses and any existing buildings in relation to property lines and street lines.
(3) The location, dimensions and arrangement of all open spaces, yards and buffer yards, including methods to be employed for screening.
(4) The site layout shall indicate all existing trees which are to be saved, the tree protection zone boundary, and the method by which tree protection will occur.
(5) The location, size, arrangement and capacity of all areas to be used for motor vehicle access, off-street parking, off-street loading and unloading, and provisions to be made for lighting such areas.
(6) The dimensions, location and methods of illumination for signs, if applicable.
(7) The location and dimensions of sidewalks and all other areas to be devoted to pedestrian use.
(8) Provisions to be made for treatment and disposal of sewage and industrial wastes, water supply and storm drainage.
(9) The capacity and arrangement of all buildings used or intended to be used for dwelling purposes, including the proposed density in terms of number of dwelling units per acre of land.
(10) A description of any proposed industrial or commercial operations in sufficient detail to indicate effects of those operations in producing noise, glare, air pollution, fire hazards, traffic congestion, or other safety hazards.
(11) Description of methods to be employed in controlling any excess noise, air pollution, smoke, fumes, water pollution, fire hazards, or other safety hazards.
(12) A plan drawn to scale showing the location, dimensions and topography of any watercourses flowing through or within 100 feet of the tract boundary.
(13) Any other data deemed necessary by the Zoning Officer, Planning Commission or the Board of Supervisors to enable it to determine the compliance of the proposed development with the terms of this chapter.
B. One permit, to be termed either "zoning permit" or "building permit," shall satisfy the requirements of both this chapter and the Township Building Code (Chapter 190: Construction Standards, Article II: Uniform Construction Code).
Issuance of zoning permits.
A zoning permit shall be issued with a one-year life and may be renewed yearly without the payment of additional fees for a period of not more than three years, provided that construction pursuant to said permit has commenced within the one-year period. The permit shall be numbered, and a certification that such permit has been issued shall be given to the permittee in a durable form to be supplied by the Township. The permit shall be prominently displayed on the premises before construction is begun and shall remain there until a certificate of occupancy is granted.
Temporary permits.
The Zoning Officer shall issue temporary permits for temporary structures in accordance with the requirements of § 500-2405: Temporary structures of this chapter. Where a special exception is required for a temporary structure, a temporary permit shall be issued only upon order of the Zoning Hearing Board.
All applicants for zoning permits shall pay a fee in accordance with a fee schedule adopted by resolution of the Board of Supervisors. All such fees shall be paid into the Township's treasury.
Certificates of use and occupancy.
No building hereafter constructed, erected or altered under a zoning permit shall be occupied or used in whole or in part for any use whatsoever, and no change in use or occupancy of any building or part of building shall hereafter be made until the builder, owner or occupant has been issued a certificate of use and occupancy by the Zoning Officer indicating that the building, use or occupancy complies with the terms of the zoning and/or building permit and with the provisions of this chapter. A certificate of use and occupancy shall be granted or denied within 90 days of the date of written application therefor.
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